Altona Curling Club Lounge  Friday, january 25, 2019

Think you know what to expect from blues bands? Think again. Then think one more time, because the Groove Pirates will surprise you.

They’re a fun, upbeat party band that doesn’t play the same old blues you hear everywhere else.

Those 17-minute guitar solos that turn into an audience bathroom break? They don’t know that song.

They know a lot of other songs, though, because they’ve been at this for a while. But they’re also professionals who know how to keep everyone having a good time all night long.


  • Bill Cooke (Hammond organ) has been playing the blues for over 50 years. Bill has performed at Blues In The Park twice.
  • Gregory III Polo (lead guitar/vocals) has been performing for over 17 years. In those years, he’s played alongside Bambu Spliff, Kingston Blues Project, CDMC and Blue Noise.
  • Kerry Hannah (bass) In 38 years of performing, he’s played with Colin James, Big Dave MacLean, Otis Rush, JP LePage, Brent Parkin, Chicago Pete and others. Hannah has also played at Blues In The Park.
  • Sandesh “Sandy” Fernandez (drums) is a self-taught drummer who has played with Murder Mouse Blues Band, Sweet Alibi, The Noble Thiefs, The Perpetrators, just to name a few.
  • Sean Rickner (vocals/blues harp) played the harmonica in his 20s until someone stole his entire set of harps. Sean didn’t pick one up again for 20 years, when he and his father signed up for harmonica classes. Inspired by Little Walter, Muddy Waters and the Sex Pistols.Type your paragraph here.

Friday, January 25, 2019

8.00 PM

Tickets $20.00


Ken Penner


​Carey Kehler 



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