Presents  Blues in the Park  Saturday, July 22, 2017 

Tas Cru and his band of Tortured Souls(7:00 - 8:30)

 Raucous, rowdy, gentle, sweet, eccentric, quirky, and outright irreverent are all word that fittingly describe Tas Cru's songs and testify to his reputation as a one of the most unique of bluesmen plying his trade today.  It's not for nothing that Cru has received wide praise for his songwriting.  Living Blues magazine says, "The vivacity and sheer joy with which Cru plays is intoxicating!" Cru's first foray into the blues came after leaving the US Navy when he was asked to join a band formed by a former shipmate named Delray Streeter, a bluesman of unlimited bravado and attitude but limited singing and harmonica skills.  Streeter was raised in El Dorado, Arkansas and claimed a rich blues heritage from his upbringing.  This partnership, though shortlived, proved to be very influential as Streeter's repertoire tended toward the older and much rawer country blues.  Cru's schooling in country blues later served him well and is infused into his original songs along with his Sun Records and rock-blues influences.

​​Jason Buie Blues Band (5:10 - 6:40)

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Jason Buie has performed throughout Canada, Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan.  He's been touring consistently for the last 15 years at Festivals, Clubs and Events.  Along the way he has played and performed with Blues legend Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, Jeff Healey, John Mayall, Robert Cray, The Powder Blues Band as well as Canadian Rock Legends Trooper, Jerry Doucette and others.  He is currently working on his 3rd C.C.  This will be released spring 2017.  Since the release of his critically acclaimed CD "Urban Blues" his profile continues to grow.  Jason's second C.D. "Live at The Blue Gator" was released in 2009.  Two of Jason's songs have been featured on Vancouver's crime drama TV show "Cold Squad".  "Urban Blues" is on regulars rotation at Galaxy and affiliated satellite networks.  His music remains a well-seasoned gumbo of blues, funk, rock and soul with influences that originate in the Southern States.  Jason's from the heart vocals, fiery guitar work and charismatic stage presence has captured the attention of critics and blues fans around the world.  Jason's passion for the Blues and music in general has led him to many related projects.  He is a Co-Founder and Artistic director for The White Rock Blues Society.  He's promoted and produced many blues shows on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland.  He has also taken the initiative to start "The Blues in The School's" program in British Columbia.


Blue Decades(1:00 - 1:40)

​The Blue Decades’ roots are steeped in the blues, but they certainly haven’t forgotten how to ROCK! In fact, The Blue Decades have been rocking in and around Altona for years.If you’re in tune with the local music scene, you’ll definitely recognize the talents of guitarist Brett Schulz, vocalist Liam Martin, bassist Mel Giesbrecht, and drummer Evan Kehler… now for the first time, performing together as The Blue Decades! Ranging in age from 20 to 60, for that cultured and complete Blues sound. 


'The Blue Decades': Brett Schulz, Liam Martin, Mel Giesbrecht, Evan Kehler

  • Road To My Obsession5:25

  • Big BBQ4:30

Justin Aron and Dirtypool (3:20 - 4:50)

​Justin Aron fronts Dirtypool which is comprised of seasoned veterans and academically trained musicians. They have released 2 albums, Juke Joint (2014) and The Chicago sessions (2016), which was recorded and produced in Chicago IL. Aron has played around Canada and the US stunning audiences with his raw emotion and evident passion. The band is a groove machine just waiting to be danced to and has strong roots in Texas blues legends Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie King.
Aron was Born in Morris MB enroute to the St. Boniface hospital. His early school years were in Gretna and then moved in 1988. Music is this bands passion and great music and to entertain is their goal.
Another notable mention is writing credits with none other than Willie Dixions granddaughter, Tomiko Dixion granddaughter of the blues as she is known in Chicago. He was also released on a compilation album called blues around the world where he proudly represented Canada.
With music that will keep you grooving in your seat, or on the dance floor they will leave you wanting more and asking when the next show is.


The Quadrivium Crossroads Band (2:00 - 3:00)

formerly known by some as Family Pride, 
was formed in 2012, and originally consisted of a father and son acoustic duo
Rob and Silas Geworsky, performing at a lot of smaller venues covering 
mostly Acoustic Blues and Latin Rock Genres.
The band has since grown, and has added musicians to the group and since 
changed their name to The Quadrivium Crossroads Band.
The name Quadrivium, is a Latin word meaning The Joining of 4 roads, 
which to the Band, signifies some of the Latin flavor you may experience at 
some of their mixed Genre shows, as well as meaning Crossroads, which 
according to a lot of Blues Folklore, is where the Blues all started... I went 
down to the Crossroads, and fell down on my knee...
The Quadrivium Crossroads Band cover a wide range of Genres, with Blues 
being the fundamental Root of the Band.
They have played at a variety of different Prairie Province Venues ranging 
from Canada Day Celebrations, Blues in the Park 2014, Small Clubs such as 
Le Garage, Altona Hotel, Village Guitar & Amp Co Saskatoon, and Winnipeg
BBQ and Blues Festival to mention a few.
The Styling of the Band can be closely linked to those of the 3 Famous Kings
of the Blues, Mr. B.B. King, Freddie King, and Albert King.
The Quadrivium Crossroads Band is looking forward to bringing Blues in the
Park 2017 some of their Smooth Flowing, Soul Soothing Memphis Style 
Blues to kick things off!

Rob Geworsky, Silas Geworsky, Rick Hildebrand, Ron Heppner, and special guest Chris Geworsky

  • My Little Pinup Girl3:03